2016 YHF Speakers


Travis, best known as The Bucket List Guy, advocates his ‘Life’s Way Too Short Philosophy’ and encourages everyone to live life to the fullest. With Trav’s knowledge as one of the best life strategists in Australia he will be able walk you through how to make a bucket list and set you on the path to complete it.

Listen to Trav’s own stories of success in his bucket list adventures while learning how you can apply them to your own goals for social change. Be inspired by Trav’s inspirational talk on how you can use this to create change within yourself and in society!

To learn more about The Bucket List Guy and how this can help you, please visit his website here.


Justin Dickinson, founder of The Big Umbrella
On a holiday to Nepal, Justin Dickinson saw children living on the streets of Kathmandu and knew he had to act. Returning to Melbourne, Justin established The Big Umbrella; a 100 per cent volunteer not-for-profit organisation, to create and support international development and local social enterprise projects.

Justin has dedicated his life to changing the lives of street children from Nepal, and Melbourne’s disadvantaged and homeless here in Australia. They also run a bi-weekly service titled ‘A Real Meal’ in Melbourne that provides hot meals to marginalised communities.

To hear more of Justin’s story and The Big Umbrella, visit their website here.


David Begbie, the founder of Crossroads, a NGO that aims to connect those in need with people who can help, identifies himself as being an ordinary man who stumbled upon a need in the world and found his calling. David has become a world leader for humanitarian issues and has dedicated his life to finding the need in the world and helping to meet it. He is also the Director of Crossroads’ Global Village programme. Ecah year, many attendees of the World Economic Forum, such as UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, British tycoon, Richard Branson participated in his simulation exercise. Through the simulations, he has changed people’s lives in a matter of minutes. David has witnessed millionaires cry, people standing up to take charge and become inspired to make a difference.

Over the past 11 years David has become the spokesperson for Crossroads. He has been a guest on TEDx and he has spoken about his work across the world. He represents his work in South East Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and the United States. In 2007, David recieved the Hong Kong Humanity Award to honour his outstanding humanitarian contribution. David continues his passion on changing people’s lives and rising world-wide awareness for global issues.

To know more about David Begbie and his NGO, please visit his website here


Julian Burnside is an Australian barrister and widely known for his human rights and refugee advocacy while undertaking pro-Bono work in many human rights cases. He is also known well for his opposition of mandatory detention of asylum seekers and work with members of the Indigenous stolen generation.

In 2014 he received the Sydney Peace Prize from the Sydney Peace Foundation, which he considers his most valued achievement. He also received the Australian Peace Prize in 2007 from the Peace Organisation of Australia. He is the author of various books including publications on human rights law and is passionately involved in the arts. We are honoured to have Julian as our keynote speaker at YHFest 2016!

To read more about Julian and his causes please visit his website here.